As children we thought lasers were great. But then we never grew up.

We provide intuitive, efficient laser technology specifically for users in industry and science.

We are always at hand whenever you may need us: concerning technology and also in matters of service we are at your side. This, among other reasons, is why we supply many market-leader clients in various fields in automotive engineering, aerospace engineering as well as electrical engineering.

Our products meet the highest standards when it comes to precision - we are talking tolerances of less than one millionth of a millimeter.
In addition to our technological standards when it comes to our products, we also see ourselves as service providers. We aim to customise our products and services to the client's individual requirements and to accommodate our customer in the process of working with laser technological applications.

Practical experience and extensive knowledge have made us experts in the field of laser technology. We are especially proud of being counted in the top 10 businesses in the federal state prize for start-ups.
Innovative laser technology for science & industry

Customised solutions

Not only do we use our know-how to provide clients with ready-made solutions, it is also our privilege to accommodate you along the way in process development and small scale production until your application is ready for series production. In the process we value two basic principles: Precision - we want the solution to enhance you. Efficiency - we want your costs to remain within budget whilst still receiving the best possible product quality.

As a result we offer a variety of services adjusted to your requirements:

  • Consultation in product development
  • Examination of your results
  • Applications development
  • Ready-made solutions from a single source

Manufacture of laser technology

Since our inception in 2012 we have been the point of contact when it comes to making laser technology user-friendly and versatile. In a team that has by now grown to ten employees we are working to optimise the performance of our laser solutions and to supply premium services in the fields of laser systems and optical processing systems. At the same time our team focuses on the flexibility and adaptability of all solutions to fit the you, the client´s, needs. We are aware that we would not function without our brilliant team. That is why we are always looking for new talent and we strongly encourage all who are interested to submit an uptodate CV/resume. We also offer dual studies which focuse on electrical engineering. For more information visit our careers page.

State prize Baden-Württemberg: TOP-10 start-up businesses 2018

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